Daughters of the land.Perfectly imperfect.

Nordic mindset, creativity, style and an inherited, stubborn trust in life overall.

Home. Roots. Art.

What happens when mother and daughter join forces? Both grew up surrounded by beautiful items, both are graphic designers – an artistic mother and a pixel-accurate daughter who enjoys aesthetics. Vuorjoki Design was born, inspired by the Nordic woman and her mentality, honesty and self-confidence. Raised in the countryside, she respects her roots, takes care of her nearest and dearest – and enjoys the coziness of her home. Her attitude to life is based on the knowledge that the silent strength within will carry her through thick and thin. She is one of a kind, perfectly imperfect. That is Vuorjoki Design.

Nordic heritage

Built-in mentality

Born in South Ostrobothnia, Finland, traveled around and moved back. Open soulful landscape of the birthplace edged within, together with the expansive plains and fields and vast sky.

The interest in style and passion for art and creating art is in our heritage and has been a part of our lives since childhood. A refined taste and an impeccable sense of style have been apparent in the outfits of the women and men of the family, as well as in the interiors of our childhood homes.

The strong self-esteem and confidence of character that emerges from our specific Nordic region is conveyed in the modern and unique female images of our works.

Our logo is made directly from the signature of father/grandfather Ilmari Vuorjoki. He was an elegant, charismatic man, a competent municipal leader and a passionate art collector.


“I have been using watercolor pastels in my works for over 30 years. The Caran d’Ache Neocolor II box contains 84 water-soluble color wax pastels, and the color palette is beautiful. They can be used through the entire process, from sketching to finishing.

Faces fascinate me. A female character that originates from an idea or a color may take a completely different shape on paper than I planned. I painted more than a hundred faces before I realized (with the help of outsiders) that they basically epitomize us, the strong-willed women born and raised in the countryside. We are unapologetic about who we are – we are who we are. When you don’t use a model but paint directly from your own mind, from your imagination, you also end up painting your ideals and principles.

Another subject that is still visible in my work to some extent is cats. Simply for the love of cats and their beauty, incorruptibility and independence. We women with the Nordicc mindset have a lot in common with cats.”

The graphic text element visible in the art posters consists of Kirsi’s initials K.V-N. and the year 2017, when the collection was initiated.


“Art has been a natural part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have always loved colors, shapes and composition. I was able to express my creativity from an early age at home and in art school in Lapua city, and as an adult the path continued to a career in advertising agencies.

However, independent work fascinated me, I wanted to create something freely and stretch traditional frames – to do my own thing. The exchange studies in the graphic field in the mecca of the advertising industry, the USA, was also a mind-opening experience that introduced edginess and vision to my work.

At the moment, I enjoy all the visual creation related to our company in the form of print products, website and social media design. Sometimes I also make my own abstract works with acrylic colors through intuition and feelings. Those works may one day find the light of day here at Vuorjoki Design when the time is right!”

Welcome to our world.

Our art is a tribute to the modern woman with a Nordic mentality, who is independent, stands strong on her own feet – a work in progress. A free spirit with a confident and unique style, wherever she goes.